We are a dog friendly household!pet friendly


there are a few “house rules”

  • It is understood that a guest bringing a dog is totally responsible for it and any damage or mess it may cause
  • You are free to let your dogs run free in the field in front of the main house providing they return to you on command
  • Bedding for dogs should be provided by the pet owner and they should be restricted to the apartment lounge. Please do not let them on the furniture or leave them alone when you go out
  • Any dog foul should be cleared up by the pet owner
  • Dogs should be kept fully under control when outside the apartments, especially if other dogs and guests are around


Please be extra careful at lambing time, as sheep are easily stressed

It is also not recommended that you enter a field with a dog that contains cows with calves


Countryside and Right of Way Act

If you are on access land between 1st March and 31st July, or at any time near livestock, dogs are only allowed if they are on a fixed lead of no more the 2 metres